10 Best VoIP Office Phone Systems for Small Business in 2019

The uses and capabilities of business phone systems will continue to grow in 2019 with greater emphasis on unified communications. Unified Communications is a framework for integrating various real-time communications with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration, and productivity. The best telephone system using Unified Communications platform is the Panasonic phone system.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is part of Unified Communications. VoIP is fast becoming a business standard for communications all over the world. It allows voice, video and interactive services over non-dedicated phone lines.
Businesses no longer use their telephone systems just for making and receiving calls. These phone systems are also used for instant messaging, video calls and faxing. Choosing this type of business telephone system for your office is an important decision as there are many different types of telephone systems available in the market. These range from traditional phone systems, hybrid phone systems all the way to cloud-based VoIP phone systems.

Traditional telephone systems work on fixed landlines and digital lines. Hybrid systems work on landlines, digital and virtual lines. Cloud-based phone systems only work on virtual lines.

Whilst the core functions of the telephone system is to be able to efficiently communicate internally with staff and externally with customer’s modern phone systems come with a host of extra features which adds to the efficiency of the office personnel.
Whilst uptake for cloud-based business VOIP phone system for small businesses in Australia is a bit slow the hybrid phone systems which use traditional phone lines, as well as VOIP lines, have seen an increase in sales.

In searching for a business telephone system the business needs to first evaluate their requirements in terms of the business needs. Once the in-house needs have been identified a suitable provider is searched for based on the identified criteria.
When selecting a suitable business phone service provider to consider their service setup, the type of equipment that they deploy and the associated costs and the calling plans. The quality of service and the company’s reputation in the field is also very important. Look out for any hidden fees or extended contracts with early termination fees.
As most of the big name VoIP Office Phone Systems are marketed thru a partner or dealer network as white label products they are not very well known in Australia.

The 10 best VoIP Office Phone Systems are:

    1. Panasonic
      Panasonic has a very high reputation worldwide in delivering very high-quality Unified Communication platform and markets hybrid telephone systems with advanced rich IP features for small to large businesses. The system is capable of handling traditional, digital and VoIP lines. It is one of the best phone systems using Unified Communications Platform, easy to install and maintain, is cost-effective, flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions.
    2. Ring Central
      Ring Central has a high reputation worldwide in delivering quality VoIP phone systems. In Australia, their services are delivered thru service centres and tier1 local providers.
    3. Cisco
      Cisco also markets phone systems using unified communications platform and has a good reputation in Australia.
    4. Vonage
      Vonage is regarded highly as a VoIP business telephone systems provider worldwide. In Australia, their services are marketed thru a partner program.
    5. NEC
      NEC is a leading technology company using the unified communications platform. It is well represented in Australia.
    6. Intermedia
      Intermedia has a cloud-based PBX offering enterprise-grade calling features with improved reliability and is mainly marketed as a white label product thru a partner network and that is why is not well known in Australia.
    7. 8X8 Global Cloud Communications
      8×8 has a unified communications platform and is marketed thru a dealer network as a white label product in Australia hence it is not well known.
    8. Fonality
      Fonality which is part of NetFortris offers a feature-rich business-class VoIP solution with hosted VoIP and cloud PBX solutions.
    9. Avaya
      Avaya is another company with offerings in the Unified Communications arena and has a good presence in Australia.
    10. Mitel
      Mitel has a range of telephone systems on a unified communications platform and cloud to fit the requirements of small to large businesses.


The above list of VoIP phone systems has been derived after researching on various forums and websites and is the opinions of the author.