Australia’s Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed

NBN is available for your premises. Where should you start to select the best NBN provider for your small business? There are websites that compare NBN plans based on different factors. Some compare based on the price whilst others compare NBN plans based on the speed. There are also sites that compare data usage. Anyone of the above factors is not the only thing to compare when comparing NBN plans. Service which is one of the most important factors in comparing any product for business is missing from these comparison websites. Almost all of the comparison websites base their data on speed, price and data usage. None of the comparison websites has taken customer service into account when comparing NBN service providers.

It can be an intimidating and confusing experience as there are a plethora of choices which are only based on price, speed and data, and that is why a lot of businesses go with their current service provider. This should not be the case. Compare NBN plans on customer satisfaction ratings. These ratings are what customers are experiencing with the service providers in terms of dealing with them on a day to day basis. It is this experience that should be a key factor in deciding the service provider to go with on NBN.

As the NBN technology improves businesses tend to use more and more data. For peace of mind, it is best to look for unlimited NBN Plans. With Unlimited NBN Plans there is no excess usage as excess usage can be very expensive for users on limited data plans.

Most businesses select larger companies as their service provider for NBN and phone lines. The best NBN service provider with the best NBN plans does not need to be one of the larger companies. There is a lot of niche market smaller companies like Carrier1 Telecom that only connect NBN for businesses and have very good reviews and performance rating. All our service is provided within Australia unlike other telecommunication companies taking their service to overseas call centres thereby compromising the quality of service.

Australia’s best NBN Plans cannot only be based on speed. It will also need to be ranked on performance during peak hours and the price. Together with this the service providers’ ability to promptly resolve issues with the service plays a very important role in coming to the conclusion.

The way NBN service providers buy capacity from NBN means there can be quite a bit of variance during peak hour speeds between different providers. ACCC is now requesting NBN Service Providers to disclose the realistic speeds that the consumers can expect to get during the peak congestion hours. There is no peak congestion during business hours.

Typical evening speed measured between the peak congestion hours of 7.00pm to 11.00pm and disclosed by NBN service providers is just an indication of what maximum speeds you can reasonably expect to get during this period. Whilst the speed during this period does not affect the bulk of the business community it still is a measure of how the service will perform under stress. There are a lot of other factors that can affect the speed you will get such as the technology used to connect to NBN, the hardware at your premises and extremely high usage in your area.

Of the different NBN technologies FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is considered to provide the highest speed as the fibre is run into the premises. On the other hand, FTTN (Fibre to the Node) is considered to provide the lowest speed as the node can sometimes be as far away as 2 kilometres from the premises.

Different publications have ranked best NBN plans based on different criteria however none of the comparison websites have taken service into consideration when ranking Best NBN Plans with the NBN providers. These customer satisfaction ratings are not readily available but can be derived by reading up on various forums where customers have either praised their service provider or vented about them.

If you are looking for the best NBN provider with unlimited NBN plans and very good customer experience speak with one of our account managers on 1300 865 426. They can guide you in selecting the best NBN plan for your business. Carrier1 Telecom is a niche market telecommunications solutions provider that connects NBN to businesses only. Together with that, we offer a dedicated account manager. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

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