Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Security Camera Systems

Installing CCTV Camera System in a business is an important decision that should never be overlooked as a good Security Camera System will provide years of hassle-free surveillance for the business. It will be money well spent as there would be increased productivity from employees not being able to waste time as they would be watched by the cameras. Before jumping on the bandwagon to install the first available CCTV Camera system on the market careful research needs to be done to get the best for your premises. A CCTV Camera system coupled with monitored motion detection or alarm is the total security package.

In arriving at which system to buy the following should be considered:

  1. Environmental Factors: The location of the camera makes a big difference in what is going to be monitored by the camera. Situational changes in the environment and surroundings during the day and at night play a very important role in the type of camera to install in that location. Consideration for the level of light at night, the speed of movement of objects, trees or other objects in the path of the monitored area are all factors that play a very important role when placing cameras in their respective locations.
  2. Low Resolution: Low-resolution cameras may turn out to be a little cheaper than a decent system but it will be more expensive in the long run when there is a break-in and the footage is of no use. The CCTV Camera system is there to protect crime being committed on the premises. It is also there to protect burglary being done by employees and others.
  3. Lighting Issues and night vision: A lot of crime takes place at night when there is no one at the premises. You may have adequate lighting for the Security Camera System during normal circumstances but what about when the lights get damaged by the vandals or extreme weather conditions. Night vision cameras should always be used as a backup to when the lights go out.
  4. PTZ or fixed: Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras are good when the alarm is triggered or motion is detected and there is someone to focus on the object or area where the alarm or motion detection has come from. As opposed to the PTZ camera where the viewing angle can be changed and the picture zoomed the fixed camera picture will be what comes within its viewing range.
  5. Weatherproofing: CCTV Cameras in exposed areas are prone to adverse weather conditions. Locate the cameras under eaves of buildings or in areas that may not have an adverse effect on the weather. Securely mount the cameras on a concrete or wooden surface so that strong wind does not blow the camera away.
  6. Maintenance: Preventive maintenance and inspection of the Security Camera System are very important as it is your insurance to better protection and should be carried out on a regular basis. The picture quality should be examined to see that the camera lenses are clear. The cables should be inspected to see that there are no splits or corrosion that may affect the camera or the picture.
  7. Data Storage and Archive: The CCTV Camera System will capture the footage and store it in the hard drives. The footage will need to be archived from time to time to allow for the same disk space to be used for new footage. Allow sufficient storage of up to one month’s footage on the primary disk. Apart from this, there should be at least 2 months of footage on secondary drives. All recordings must be stored in secure locations with access controls.

Above is just a starting point on what to look for and what not to do when installing a CCTV Camera System for your business?
Modern security Camera Systems are very important to protect and monitor the premises from intruders however problems arise when short cuts are taken or cheap products are used instead of quality ones.

If you are still unsure of how to proceed please speak with the experts on 1300 865 426. They will be able to guide you on the best security products on the market. Carrier1 Telecom is 100% Australian owned and all our support and services are done from within Australia.

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