Features of the Best Commercial Security Cameras

Investment in commercial CCTV Camera system is one of the best steps any business can take to increase productivity and protect crime on the premises. Security systems can also be used to identify and prosecute criminals, improve accountability of your employees, help increase productivity and sometimes reduce insurance premiums. Whilst businesses may be eager to take advantage of the benefits associated with the installation of a new CCTV Camera system for the premises, deciding on which type of system to install can be very challenging. The budget and physical features of the property that you need to secure are prime areas of consideration when selecting commercial security systems.

Some of the must-have features of the CCTV Camera System are:

    • Video Resolution and Quality
      One of the most important things to consider when buying a security system is the video resolution or video quality. High-resolution cameras will provide better quality images. It is also important to have digital watermarking on the images to avoid tampering. Digital watermarking is when either an image is placed on top of the surveillance video or digital hashing is used which checks every bit of the video and generates a code. If the video has been tempered the code will change. Watermarked videos can be presented as evidence in the court of law.


    • Security Systems Frame Rate and Audio
      It is important that the CCTV Camera System has a high frame rate. The higher frame rate will provide smoother video. The frame rate should be at least 30 frames per second to provide video in real time. Audio is another option that is very important in security systems. One way audio is when the Camera can pick up audio from its location whereas two-way audio is when the security operator can also communicate with someone near the camera’s location.


    • Night Vision Video Surveillance and Motion Detection
      Lighting is extremely important for the CCTV Camera System to capture good quality videos. Infrared LED light capable cameras will record video in darkness as if the location is illuminated. The more infrared LED Lights a camera has the clearer videos the camera will be able to produce in dimmed locations or at night. Security systems with motion detection feature will be able to pan and focus the camera when something moves in its field of view. This is very helpful when intruders try to break into the premises or someone enters a restricted zone.


    • Storage of footage from Security Systems
      It is important that the video sent from the CCTV Camera System is adequately stored and available when required. The storage of footage can be on on-site video recorders or cloud storage. Cloud storage can also be used as backup or archive.


    • Weatherproof/ Vandal Resistant and Field of View
      Apart from having indoor Cameras, outdoor locations such as loading docks, car parks, storage sheds, alleyways and garages may also require weatherproof and vandal resistant cameras to be able to continually provide clear videos. Some areas may require a 360-degree view of the field and this should be considered when selecting a CCTV Camera System.


    • Remote Video Monitoring Capabilities
      Remote video monitoring capability is another important feature to have. This enables the business to be managed and overseen remotely and this can be done in real time.


    • Wireless capabilities
      Having Wireless capability is another important feature if you have large areas to monitor as it saves having to run cables to the camera from the recorder. The signals are delivered over internet wirelessly from the CCTV Camera System to the recording device.


The above list of features is not exhaustive but is certainly a very good starting point when looking for a good quality CCTV Camera system for your business.