Guide on How to Pick the Best NBN Provider in Sydney

You have had a letter in the mail from NBN and a couple of other NBN providers in Sydney that NBN is available for your business premises. You have been waiting for NBN for a long time as the currently available ADSL2 is inadequate and Ethernet is too expensive for your small business.

You jump with excitement that you will now be able to do work faster on the internet as the NBN can be up to ten times faster than your current ADSL2 service. You go on the internet and on google and search for the best NBN provider in Sydney. The search brings in thousands of results and frustrates you even further as there is no clear answer to who the best NBN provider in Sydney is. Different websites have listed different providers as the best NBN provider in Sydney.

You take the painstaking task of looking at the individual search results and you realise that most websites compare NBN plans based on speed tier, data, price and typical evening speed during the peak times of 7 pm to 11 pm. The typical evening speed is not a measure for business but a measure for residential customers as that is when most households are on NBN. Whilst some of this information may be useful to some extent, the most useful information, the rating of customer service offered by these companies is nowhere to be found on these websites that compare NBN plans and NBN providers in Sydney. No website compares the customer service of the major NBN service providers as this will then open a new can of worms and the comparison websites will not be able to get their cut for promoting the major companies. This is one reason why you cannot trust the websites that compare NBN plans and NBN providers in Sydney.

We all know that to cut costs and save money most of the major NBN service providers use cheap overseas call centres for their day to day service. These call centres lack the experience in resolving NBN related problems as they do not have hands-on experience and sometimes the most basic problems can take days to fix. Most of these overseas call centres work off a script and can frustrate you by going over troubleshooting that you may have already completed. Let alone fixing problems it is sometimes very difficult to even reach personnel from these call centres that can help you resolve your issues. The internet is littered with bad customer service comments from some of the major NBN providers in Sydney.

In trying to pick the best NBN provider in Sydney you will need to do your own research on different service providers by speaking to some of their customers. You will not only need to compare NBN plans but also compare the service levels of the NBN providers in Australia. As mentioned previously service levels are not monitored or compared by any of the NBN comparison websites. You will need to do the painstaking task of reading reviews on service provider websites and forums to arrive at your decision on who is the best NBN provider in Sydney.

We at Carrier1 Telecom have done the hard yard in determining who the best NBN provider in Sydney is. We connect NBN with TPG/AAPT and Optus wholesale. We are a niche market telecommunications solutions provider and only connect to the business. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the correct path in picking the best NBN provider in Sydney. We can be contacted on 1300 865 426. We are 100% Australian owned and all our services are handled within Australia.

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