How the right printer can help grow your business

Savvy business owners know the true value of money and do not like to spend money on unnecessary items. Spending unnecessarily means you will have less money to invest in growing your business, establishing the framework to support your business in future, and hiring new talent that will mould the future of your business.
Whilst businesses concentrate on the big-ticket items such as the rent, machinery and aspiring talents it is usually the smaller items if not used properly will make the biggest impact on expenses in the longer run. One such item is the office printer and the consumables for the printer. This can make a big impact on your budget based on your requirement.

When researching for a printer for the office the following needs to be considered:

  1. Know what you need. What needs to be printed? Will it be in colour or black and white? Without thinking we usually print emails or articles to be shown to colleagues whereas we could have had forwarded them an email with the article to read. Imagine the amount of paper used in this unnecessary printing.
  2. Will it be inkjet or laser? Will it be a multi-function colour printer or a mono printer? The choice of printer depends on what is going to be printed. If glossy brochures are required then the choice would obviously be the colour printer. If it is a small office then the choice would obviously be the best all in one printer.
  3. What do the experts think of the printer of your choice? Read up reviews on the shortlisted printers. It is usually here that you discover the good and the bad about the printers. Some printers may use the coloured toners to print in black when the black toner runs out which can turn out to be expensive. Others may have a small toner cartridge which would mean changing the toners frequently.
  4. Look at the multitasking ability of the printer. Some multifunction colour printers may not be able to perform tasks simultaneously and efficiently which could create a bottleneck. This can be picked up by looking at the reviews on the printer.
  5. Check that it offers security that you need? There is usually an issue when confidential documents are printed on the same printer as other documents. This can be achieved with swipe cards whereby only the swipe cardholders have access to confidential prints.
  6. How many printers are required? Look at how easy it is to connect to an existing network. With printers in a network, it is easy to direct special printing to the most appropriate printer. Are there any special requirements such as plan printing which will require a special printer?
  7. Easy to use smart printing software can analyse the size and quality of the print job and send it to the appropriate printer to avoid the top of the line printers clogged up with low-quality print jobs.
  8. Know the total cost of ownership and cost/value benefits. Measure your expenditure on printing. Without measuring the expense it cannot be managed. Look for ways in how the expense can be reduced without sacrificing the quality. In most old school businesses, everything is printed and stored in binders. Imagine the ongoing cost of storing these documents which are over and above the cost of printing these documents.

We hope that these tips come in handy when deciding on a printer of your choice, whether it is a multi-function colour printer or a mono inkjet printer.
If you are still unsure of which best all in one printer to choose to speak with one of our account managers on 1300 865 426.
They can help you find the right printer for your business. After all, when you invest in the right printer you will get great returns in efficiency and uptime whilst saving money.

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