Importance of Video Surveillance for Businesses

Business owners want to see their businesses succeed and grow and that is why they spend a lot of time looking at ways of securing their business, increasing revenue and minimizing losses. Whether they are at their desk in the business or at the Golf Course having some quality time with friends, they would still like to keep a tab on what is happening at the business. It could be as simple as an employee having a snooze or a burglar trying to gain entry via the back door. This is one reason why CCTV Camera System is a major asset to businesses of any size. It keeps the owner informed of the happenings at the business by viewing the footage on the mobile phone. It makes life much easier as they do not have to be present at the business to see the happenings.

Employees often work better when they feel safe and protected in their environment. This type of environment can boost productivity and morale. Customers in the same manner also prefer to do business with companies where they feel safe and secure.

Business owners know the importance of preventing shoplifting. Whilst some of this shoplifting is done by outsider’s large number of the shoplifting is done by employees and business owners and managers are not aware of this. Employees know more about the business and are able to steal easily from the company than a customer. CCTV Camera system can provide the evidence required to prosecute the thieves. Whilst security footage can be used when pursuing thieves their presence is enough for any would-be thieves to think twice before proceeding with their act if they know that the premises are equipped with CCTV Camera System.

CCTV Camera Systems are not only used to prevent crime on the premises. The system can also be used to improve business processes in a business, monitor high-risk areas in the business for any catastrophe that may take places whilst no one is at the business, monitor customers on the premises from making false or dishonest claims, and lastly for training and re-training employees.

Example of business process improvement is to review the footage on how employees interact with the customers, view the footage of customers coming to the business to increase or decrease the number of customer service personnel servicing the customers, and review the footage on how goods and services are handled. Example of catastrophe could be flooding in the warehouse because of a blocked drain triggered by a water sensor meter or fire that may break out in manufacturing plants. By looking at the real-time video on the mobile phone action can be taken to save the plant, machinery and stock from the flood or fire.

Some customers have a habit of making false or dishonest claims by thinking that they can get away as there is no one watching. One of the worst fears for any owner of a business is to be sued by customers for accident, injury, harassment or any other legal matter. Having evidence from CCTV Camera system will be proof of what happened. In retail businesses CCTV Camera system is also used to record transactions that the customer may do with the business to avoid any conflict in case of a dispute.

Manufacturers of machinery will provide training when the machinery is first installed. As time passes by employees transferring to other departments or leaving the company will train the incoming employees with what they can recall from their training. They may not be able to train them fully or may have missed some parts of the training. By viewing the footage from the CCTV Camera System the managers would be able to determine whether the machinery is operated correctly and to its full capacity. They can then either re-train the new employees or get the manufacturer to train them.

CCTV Camera System is a very important tool for businesses and should be used to watch the premises for crimes, catastrophe, improve business processes, save money, and above all training and re-training employees.

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