NBN Providers: Sydney’s Top 5 NBN Providers

With the NBN rollout well underway and expected to reach the completion by 2020/2021 there is a good chance that you already have access to Australia’s high-speed broadband network. There are five different technologies currently used by NBN. They are FTTP – Fibre to the Premises, FTTN/FTTB – Fibre to the node/Fibre to the Building, FTTC – Fibre to the Curb, HFC – Hybrid Fibre Coaxial Cable and Satellite. As different addresses in different areas will have access to different technologies it would be one of the toughest choices customers will have in deciding which provider to go with, which speed tier to go with and how much data they will need. If your budget allows it to always choose the unlimited NBN plan over a limited data plan. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will not have excess data charges when you go over the allowed limit.

The way NBN Service providers in Sydney buy capacity from NBN also makes a lot of difference in the speed of the service at consumer’s premises during peak times between the providers. NBN Service providers have to disclose the realistic speed that the consumers can expect to get during peak times on their website.

A lot of work has been done in determining Sydney’s top 5 NBN Service providers. Different NBN comparison websites have listed different NBN service providers as the best NBN provider with the Australia’s best NBN plans. None of the comparison websites has looked at the quality of service from the best NBN providers. What have they considered in coming up with the best NBN plans and the best NBN provider? One of the main criteria is speed during busy periods. Businesses will have a different busy period to the residential whose busy period is between 7.00pm to 11.00pm at night. If the NBN service provider has a good performance during the busy periods then it is obvious that the throughput would be much better during the not so busy period.

Customer service, the fault resolution timeframe, etc. are equally as important as no point in having the best NBN plan when the service provider is not able to provide the service promptly and efficiently. This quality of service rating can only be found on customer forums and service rating websites. Most major NBN service providers have overseas call centres that provide customer service. These call centres do not have the knowledge of NBN and usually work off a script to resolve your issues. This could mean that some simple issues may take much longer to fix as you may be required to go over the tests that you may have already done. This may be frustrating and equally expensive as you may not be able to complete certain tasks on time or losses due to not being able to respond to tenders or orders on time.

Sydney’s Top 5 NBN Providers:

  1. TPG – Ranked the best NBN provider overall. It has a very good peak time speed.
  2. Optus – Ranked as the 2nd best performer overall.
  3. Aussie Broadband – Ranked the 3rd best performer overall.
  4. Exetel – Ranked the 4th best performer overall.
  5. IINET – Ranked the 5th best performer overall.

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