NBN – Why Businesses Should Upgrade Their Systems

Correct technology can empower your business to work smarter, achieve more, and be more effective with what you have, whether it’s capital, labour hours or other resources. By using correct technology you can increase efficiency and improve the process. You can achieve this by moving on to NBN.

NBN is a Federal Government initiative to have almost all of Australia covered by high-speed broadband. It is due to be completed in 2020. NBN is covered by multiple technologies depending on the availability of copper in the ground. It started with FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), then quickly changed to FTTN/FTTB (Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Basement) as FTTP was taking too long to deploy.

FTTN was easier to deploy but the service had issues as the node was on the street and dependent on copper from the node to the premises. HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable) was deployed in areas that were covered with cable internet previously. FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) has been introduced recently. In this technology Fibre is taken up to the curb and copper is deployed from the curb to the premises. Satellite is being used for remote areas where premises are far apart and it is not economical to lay cables.

Once NBN is available in an area businesses generally have 18 months to convert their copper-based services onto NBN technology before the services are disconnected. NBN caters for voice and data and that is why businesses also need to upgrade or replace their telephone system to take advantage of faster broadband speed with crystal clear voice. Connecting the telephone system to NBN can be a complex process and could involve a number of suppliers such as the telephone service provider, the supplier of the telephone system and the maintainer of the telephone system. Some phone systems can be upgraded to the NBN technology whilst much older systems will need to be replaced.

There are a lot of NBN Service Providers with a lot of different NBN Internet Plans. There are budget NBN service providers that provide cheap NBN Internet plans with no or hardly any service to full-service providers that provide expensive plans.

How to find the Best NBN Provider servicing the business community in your area?

In searching for the best NBN provider a prospective business needs to evaluate the market the company is in. Do they only connect to businesses only or a mix of business and residential customers? Where are they based? What is the customer service like? Where is the customer service support from?

The best NBN Plans are not usually provided by the best NBN provider. In researching for the best NBN internet plans a business needs to review peak time speed, data throughput and price. Together with this the business also needs to look at the customer service offered by the NBN Service Provider. Is the customer service offered from a local office or is it from an offshore call centre?

Once NBN has been connected the business needs to review the equipment that will be connected to the NBN service. How old is the equipment? Will it work on NBN? If not then what is required to make it work on NBN? Will the upgrade provide optimum performance or do you need to replace the hardware to get optimum performance?

Generally, most computer-based equipment can be upgraded with firmware, software and or hardware upgrades however if the equipment is older than 5 years it would be best to replace the hardware to get the optimum benefit as the ageing equipment may also have restrictions and failures.
As NBN is faster and cheaper than some other forms of broadband service and is also backed by the federal government it is best to upgrade to this technology as it is adopted by all Australians. Being available all over Australia is another reason why businesses need to upgrade to this technology.

If NBN is available in your area and you are contemplating moving to NBN please speak with one of our account managers on 1300 865 426. They will be able to provide you with full information on what will need to be upgraded to get the full benefit of NBN.