The Features You Should be Looking for in a Printer

Your company is looking at replacing your current out date black and white printer. What features do you need to look for before settling on a printer?
Colour or Black & White – Colour printers may have lower acquisition costs but are generally slower and more expensive to run than its black and white counterpart.
Inkjet or Laser – Your choice will be dependent on how many copies you do in a month and the quality of the print. If it is a few copies per month of only text prints then a small inkjet will do the job however if you are looking at doing catalogues or photos then a colour printer would be required.

Multifunction or Single Function – If you are a small business then rather than having multiple printers, scanners and faxes it may be best to have a multifunction colour printer which would not only cater for the whole office but will also have a smaller footprint and save valuable office space.

Image Quality – What do you need to print the images for? Is it to show your customers the draft of designs done for them or just printouts of financial documents and instructions with some graphics?

Print Speed – How much printing do you need to do? If you have large volumes of printing to be done then it is most likely that you would look for a faster printer.

Printing Options

  • Poster Printing – This will allow automatic segmentation of a large file into A4 sheets that can later be joined together as a poster or banner.
  • Booklets – This sorts the pages into order so that it can be stapled as a booklet.
  • Borderless Printing – This is important if you are printing photos or images and do not require a border on the pages.
  • Optical Disc Printing – This is printing on CDs & DVDs. It is a handy feature if CD’s or DVD’s are produced by your business.
  • Transparency – This is printing on clear plastic which is later used on overhead projectors.
  • Watermark – This lets you print a light mark or outline on the page without using any graphics software.

Connectivity to the Internet – Modern printers can print remotely or print from the internet as a remote printer. Imagine you need some documents at home. Rather than printing it in the office and taking it at home you can print it remotely on your home printer.

Paper Handling and Paper Size – Printers can handle different paper weights and sizes. Multiple trays would be required if you handling paper size bigger than A4.

Duplexing – Automated double-sided printing will save a lot of money on paper cost. It may be a little bit slower but the savings in paper will more than compensate for the slowness.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition – Some printers come with OCR software that will allow you to scan a hardcopy document and convert into a word document. This can then be modified as required.

Other Running Costs – Apart from the ink or toner the printers also require drums, belts etc.

Armed with the above information, look for a printer that will meet your needs. Fit the printer to your office size and volume of print. There may be a lot of different features that a printer will have but if it is not required there is no point in having it. It could only complicate the process and may take longer to print.

If you are looking at replacing or updating your office printers please speak to our account management team on 1300 865 426. We offer the full range of Oki, Fuji Xerox, and Kyocera printers.

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