The Importance of Business Phone Systems

Business telephone system is a central communications hub in any type of business. Some businesses rely solely on telephone calls for their customers whilst internet and walk-in customers complement this in other businesses. No matter how big or small your business is phone system plays a very important role in communicating messages from within the business and the business with its customers or would be customers. Today’s smart business telephone systems are generally more complex and come with a number of features such as voice mail, caller id, unified messaging and ability to act as conference bridges. These telephone systems can be customized to the unique requirements of businesses such as auto attendant with Interactive Voice Response to transfer calls to the party requested by the callers promptly, calls to go to voicemail which can then be digitized and sent as messages, when the called person is not at their desk or do not disturb when doing something important.

Callers usually have something important or urgent to discuss and that’s why they take the time and effort to call. By speaking to them the personnel in companies can secure deals immediately or avoid costly mistakes that may affect all their customers and the business. Most prospective customers would usually enquire about a product on the phone in the first instance before doing further research on the internet. It’s the first impression that creates a pleasant communications atmosphere. If the telephone system is unable to handle the call properly due to the issues potential revenue can be lost as the caller may not pursue the business with his query any further.

Various types of lines can be connected to the same telephone system that would provide the business with savings on different call types such as international calls using internet-based lines or VOIP lines, digital lines for crystal clear voice transmission and teleconferencing for bringing people together from different geographic locations of the business at a fraction of the cost. All these types of lines can co-exist on the same telephone system and available to personnel in the business.
Whilst having a good phone system for small business is vital it is very important to ensure that the telephone system is able to embrace new technology and is scalable for the future growth of the business. A robust phone system can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. During this time a lot of companies would have gone thru massive expansion and will require upgrades in terms of technology as well as lines. A good business telephone system will be able to handle this.

Security is another factor that is important in a phone system. Hackers can gain access into the telephone system thru the internet, can set themselves up as users and make calls to anywhere in the world. A good telephone system with robust security will deny hackers access to the telephone system.
Business Telephone System consists of software and electronic parts subject to wear and tear as time goes by. As it controls the total voice communication for the business it is extremely important to have a maintenance contract on it. Many businesses overlook the essential need to have a maintenance contract on the business telephone system once the initial investment has been made. This is a risky practice. Preventive maintenance extends the life of the telephone system and can be done every so often to identify any software upgrades to take advantage of new features and replace any components that may have failed or is showing signs that it will fail in the near future. This will ensure that there are no disruptions to the most valuable communication channel, the telephone system.

A business is a business regardless of its size and when selecting a telephone system has to carefully review the business needs. Businesses need security to deter the hackers, quality equipment that meets the business requirements and a powerful set of lines that can handle the increasing growth of business needs.

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