Types of Surveillance for Business

There are various types of surveillance methods available in the marketplace. Lets briefly describe them:

Overt vs Covert – Overt surveillance is by means of visible CCTV Camera System whereas covert surveillance is by means of non-visible means like hidden cameras or undercover detective following a suspect.

Mobile vs Stationary – Mobile surveillance is when the subject is followed on foot or in the vehicle whereas stationary surveillance is where the subject is watched at the same location.

Mechanical vs Human – Mechanical is by means of machine such as CCTV Camera System whereas human is by means of using detectives.


Security is imperative for any business as to how can you profit without protecting your assets, employees, stock and premises. All businesses need some form of surveillance to deter the would-be intruders away from the business. Some businesses use guards that patrol the premises whilst some other businesses keep guard dogs on the premises that keep the intruders out of the compound. Whilst there are numerous ways of doing surveillance for business the most cost effective and efficient way is by use of CCTV Camera System. Not only can the CCTV Camera system deter criminals and help law enforcement agencies catch criminals promptly, but they can also help improve the accountability of employees, help monitor the productivity and also reduce insurance premiums.
The CCTV Camera system surveillance is broken into 5 main categories. Most of these types of CCTV camera systems come with added optional features such as high definition, IP (internet protocol), IR (Infra-Red) varifocal, heat and motion detection, and wireless capabilities.

Let us look at some of these categories to determine which CCTV Camera System may be suited for a given business environment.

  1. Dome Camera
    The dome camera is one of the most commonly used CCTV Camera System for indoors and outdoors surveillance. Its shape makes it extremely difficult to determine the area under surveillance. They are commonly used in retail stores, clubs, pubs and hotels.
  2. Bullet Camera
    Bullet Cameras are long and cylindrical in shape and are best used for outdoors. It is usually housed in a strong casing and is protected from the harsh weather conditions. This type of camera is normally used for long-distance viewing of a defined area under surveillance such as an alleyway beside the building or long driveway etc.
  3. C- Mount Camera
    C- Mount Cameras come with a detachable lens which can be easily changed for different applications. This type of camera is usually used in areas where the high-resolution image is required e.g. watching the transactions of a cashier or bank teller or in industrial applications where image precision is required.
  4. Day/Night Camera
    Day/Night Cameras are capable of being operated in a normal and very poorly lit environment where infrared cameras are unable to function at the optimum level. They have inbuilt highly sensitive infrared illuminators that can capture clear images in the dark.
  5. Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Camera
    This type of CCTV camera System can be controlled remotely by changing the viewing angle as well as zooming on the area to be viewed. It is common to have these cameras in carparks, garages, warehouses and construction sites. These cameras can also have preset position and will move to a preset position once an alarm or preset condition has been triggered.

The above list is just the starting point of where to start looking for a CCTV Camera system. If you are interested in purchasing a CCTV Camera System for your business please contact one of our account managers on 1300 865 426. They will be able to assist you in selecting the best CCTV Camera system for your business. Carrier1 Telecom is a niche market full telecommunications solution provider in the business environment. It is 100% Australian owned and operated.

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