What is the Best Business Phone System for Small Business?

Your 20-year-old phone system for small business is still in great condition and working well but as NBN is accessible for your premises you have to update the telephone system in Sydney with the goal that you can connect the phone system to the NBN infrastructure and enjoy the new NBN compatible Digital lines. You need to update the copper-based phone lines and the telephone system for small business within eighteen months before the lines get eliminated.

So where do you start? How many telephone handsets do you have now and what will it extend to in the following three to five years. What features are important in your everyday running of the business and what are the features you wish to have. One of the most significant inquiries that strike a chord is should you purchase the in-house PABX framework or an off-site hosted telephone system for your company.

How about we take a look at the in-house PABX and the hosted phone system to see which one sticks out:

  1. In-house PABX System – This kind of infrastructure has all the equipment at your business premises which comprises of a data processing unit associated with handsets which are otherwise called extensions. This telephone system for small business can likewise have a mix of PSTNs lines, ISDN lines and VOIP lines. Organizations that have different branches can introduce PABX at the branches and interconnect the branches so that in the event that one of the branches is shut or down for reasons unknown, the calls can be taken at any of the other branches that is operating. Calls between the branches can likewise resemble calling another extension by the push of a button. This business phone arrangement has powerful security and can be controlled by the business. The in-house PABX accompanies an impressive set of features to deal with the everyday activity of the business. Some of these features are far superior to what the hosted systems have on offer.
  2. Hosted Phone System – This kind of telephone system for small business has all the hardware equipment away from the business premises typically at the service providers’ premises. Calls are handled at the hosted site and are sent to the business premises by the utilization of internet and show up on handsets at the business premises. Hosted phone system is appropriate for inbound and outbound call centres where least amount of call handling is required. While the facts may demonstrate that the upfront cost of a hosted phone system is less expensive than the in-house PABX framework, the total ownership cost of the hosted telephone system for small business over the long haul is far more than the total ownership cost of PABX framework. The longer you keep the hosted system the higher your overall cost of ownership becomes and the worse off your rate of return compared to the in-house PABX. Most hosted frameworks have very basic list of capabilities as standard features and any upgrades will cost you extra.

Now that we have analysed the two types of telephone frameworks for small business, the in-house PABX is the favoured business phone arrangement in many ways. Having discovered that in-house PABX is far superior to the hosted system we need to find a suitable phone system for small business that will far surpass the business expectations.

One such small business telephone system is the Panasonic Business Telephone system. Panasonic phone system consolidates the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the IP technology, offering most advanced features and adaptability to deal with the majority of your business telecommunication requirements, both now and in the future. It is a very good match for small, medium as well as large organisations. Based upon the prerequisites a telephone system could be installed and upgraded as the need emerges. It additionally has framework whereby multiple organizations can reside on the same phone system as multi-tenant framework. Different branches can be connected together by means of an IP interface. The telephone system is adaptable to the point that it can be used in any industry and has the adaptability to integrate to third party software for data query and manipulation. Whatever your needs are Panasonic Business Telephone System can provide the tools to communicate.
After checking your old phone system you understand that it is a Panasonic Telephone System of the nineties that has given you excellent service for this long.

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