What is the Best Office Phone System Available in Sydney?

You have a business in Sydney where the telephone system has been playing up for some time. You are in the market for a new telephone system. What will it be? On-premise traditional telephone system or hosted phone system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The business needs to weigh the pros and cons of both types of systems to decide on which business telephone system will be most cost-effective and proficient for the business.

Let’s now research about the various types of telephone systems available in Sydney:

  1. On-premise PBX – This type of phone system has all the hardware at the business premises. It consists of a central processing unit and the handsets which are also known as extensions. An outside call comes into the central processing unit, processed based on the parameters and output to either the extension, the voicemail or diverted to another number. As all the call processing is done on the business premises it is very reliable. The types of lines that can be connected to the on-premise PBX are analogue, digital and VOIP lines. Extra hardware and upgrade to the firmware are usually required from the basic system if digital or VOIP lines are to be connected. In multi-branch situations, multiple on-premise PBX’s can be connected to be able to receive calls for another branch when the branch is closed. Similarly, calls between the branches can be treated as transferring from one extension to another. The security of the system is very robust and can be controlled by the business. Modern on-premise PBX systems come with an impressive set of features sometimes even better than hosted systems.
  2. Hosted System – This type of phone system has the central processing unit hosted away from the business premises, usually at the service provider’s premises. The calls are processed at the hosted site and sent via the internet to the business premises and appear on the handsets. There is no processing of calls at the business premises. This type of system is suited for inbound and outbound call centres where minimum processing is required. Whilst it is true that the upfront cost associated with a hosted system is low compared to the on-premise PBX, it far exceeds the cost of on-premise PBX in the longer run. This is because there is a recurring charge on every extension, whether you make the calls or don’t make the calls. The longer you have the hosted system the higher your total cost of ownership becomes and the worse your return on investment is in comparison to on-premise PBX. Most hosted systems also have a basic feature set as standard, any upgrade to the feature set would cost extra. Communications to the hosted system are totally dependent on the internet. If the internet connection stops working, the phone system will stop working too. This is a significant concern for businesses that need to be available at all times. Most businesses these days feel that they can rely on their internet service provider there is still a significant risk that cannot be ignored. There is also the security of call data, voice mail messages, call records, chat conversations that are saved in the cloud. Most businesses feel they can rely on their service provider and the service providers will ensure security for such things, some businesses may not be comfortable in leaving their important data in the hands of another business. Then there is the risk of hacking. Even the most secure data can be hacked, what is the guarantee that the service provider will not be hacked and the hacker gets away with thousands of dollars’ worth of calls.

From the above, it can be deduced that on-premise PBX is still the best choice when it comes to the best office phone system. Once this has been determined comparison needs to be made of the different brands available on the marketplace. Panasonic Telephone systems have been found to be most reliable, robust, long-lasting and will survive the toughest handling over a number of years.

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