Why You Need a Multifunction Colour Printer

Multifunction colour printer or all in one printer is a device that consolidates the functionality of a monochrome printer, colour printer, copier, scanner and fax in one compact machine. The multifunction colour printer is the most common choice for budget-minded businesses that are looking to consolidate their assets, reduce ongoing costs and improve the workflow. Multifunction colour printer when connected to the local area network of the business can provide a host of other opportunities such as network printing, scanning to network, scanning to file. Not only are the multifunction printers a smarter upfront buy, but they are also more cost effective over their life as you will learn below.

Advantages of Multifunction Colour Printer:

    • Saving of Space – A multifunction colour printer will require the same amount of space as a normal printer requires yet it is capable of performing the tasks of four other devices thereby saving office space and clutter.


    • Cost Saving – The cost of a multifunction colour printer is far cheaper than the sum of the five devices that it replaces. The cost savings do not stop here. It is also the cost of keeping stocks of consumables in terms of ink, toners, drums and other replacement parts for the five different devices whereas only one set is needed to be purchased for the multifunction printer. Multifunction printer also has the added advantage of reducing waste from used consumables and time spent on recycling them.


    • Convenience and Efficiency – With multifunction printers not only are your devices all in one place and ready to be used at any time, but it can also work together in a way that standalone devices are not able to. Having all the functionality in one device means they cooperate faster and more efficiently which means processes such as copying, scanning and faxing can be changed at the touch of a button. The user also has the added advantage of not having to move from device to device saving valuable time.


    • Save on Power – One of the on-going expenses of running an office is the cost of power. By using one device as opposed to five different devices there are considerable savings in power.


    • Fewer Repairs and End of Life Replacement – These office devices will require periodical maintenance and repairs. With five devices the maintenance and repairs would be much higher than maintaining one device. At the end of life, only one machine needs to be replaced as opposed to five.


    • Wireless/Mobile Connectivity – Most multifunction printers are intelligent networking devices which come with wireless and mobile connectivity apart from the standard Ethernet connectivity. It can be connected to networks in multiple ways to achieve better and faster results.


    • Do it all Faster – Multifunction printers do not sacrifice any of their device quality for the convenience of being all in one. Multiple tasks can be performed at the same time.


There are a lot of multifunction colour printers in the Australian market. Whilst it is hard to determine the best all in one printer, the best all in one printer list consists of three companies. The companies that stand out are Fuji Xerox, Oki, and Kyocera. They all have easy to use interfaces, reliable paper handling, advanced security, and sophisticated tools for adding required flexibility and efficiency in your regular jobs. The best all in one printer list has very rich feature sets, very economical that delivers power, performance, quality, and reliability, and are capable of handling printing needs for varying sizes of businesses.